OsteoBall Starter Kit

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The OsteoBall Starter Kit

The cost-effect way to begin using and experiencing the benefits of the OsteoBall® is with our Starter Kit.

The OsteoBall Starter Kit is the easy, inexpensive introduction to get started building your muscles and bones with isometric resistive exercises, the OsteoBall way.

Starter Kit includes:

  • Fully illustrated manual, with step-by-step instructions
  • Large, easy-read illustrated exercises on ball
  • Rapid inflate/deflate air pump
  • Vinyl ball with adjustable, easy-hold handles
  • Upgrade Certificate for discount purchase on Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall

How is the Starter Kit different from the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall?

The Starter Kit OsteoBall is intended as a lower-cost way of getting you started and introducing you to the many healthy benefits of the OsteoBall. It is made of heavy duty vinyl and is guaranteed for 1 year. 

Note: The Starter Kit ball does not carry the Lifetime Guarantee that comes with our Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall, which covers unconditionally any and all damage or defects to your OsteoBall.



Sonic welded durable seams

For durability Adjustable Grips

Easy-to-hold, handles

Handles can be lengthened or shortened to fit you exactly

Illustrated exercises printed on OsteoBall®

Exercises are illustrated on the surface of the OsteoBall. These large, easy to see illustrations serve as handy reminders - right on the ball - as you go through your OsteoBall exercise sequence.

Illustrated Exercise Manual

Takes you step-by-step through all of the basic OsteoBall exercises. Fully illustrated, easy to follow.

Daily Exercise Journal

A daily exercise journal is included with your Starter Kit. You can chart your progress as you increase in strength and help fortify your bones and muscles. The OsteoBall exercises are so quick and easy you will have that extra time to jot down your journal entries.

FedEx Ground Delivery

On-line orders are processed as soon as received and your OsteoBall is sent directly to you by FedEx Ground.

Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall® Upgrade Certificate

This certificate entitles the holder to upgrade the Starter Kit to the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall® for the Special Discounted Price of $49.95, instead of regular price $70.00, (with Proof of Purchase or Valid Receipt for OsteoBall® Starter Kit)

30 Day Return Policy

You are protected by our 30 day Return Guarantee. For any reason if you are not fully satisfied with your OsteoBall during the first 30 days, your purchase price will be refunded -- cheerfully, promptly, no questions asked.