OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime

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10 Minutes a Day... Bone-Fitness for Life

The OsteoBall premiere package, with all the extras included.

Deluxe Lifetime Osteoball complete package contains:

  • Illustrated, changable exercise cue tag
  • Cushioned handle grips
  • Easy adjust straps
  • Washable 100% cotton slipcover
  • Specially engineered vinyl inner ball
  • Instructional video
  • Daily exercise journal
  • Rapid inflate/deflate air pump
  • Newsletter subscription
  • "First in Line" -- latest updates on OsteoBall
  • Lifetime warranty

To exercise with the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall is a delight.  The soft fabric, body-conforming ball is more like hugging a pillow than an exercise device - and the science and results backing it up are impressive.

The beauty of the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall is more than just surface deep. It is built - and guaranteed for a lifetime of use. And our lifetime warranty does not get any better - if anything goes wrong with your Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall, we'll replace it. That's our warranty plain and simple!

You Get All of This:

100% Brushed Cotton Cover OsteoBall
Soft and supple next to your skin as you exercise. Finely stitched for strength and durability. The cover is machine washable for easy care.

Cushioned Handle Grips
Foam padded handle grips are made to provide a cushioned handle for the upper body exercises. Yet the dual-function design accommodate easy on-off for your ankles and legs when doing the OsteoBall's lower body exercises. Remember, all OsteoBall exercises require just 5 seconds of exertion. Easy on-off handle-grips let you move through the exercises in a minimum amount of time.

Illustrated Changable Exercise Cue Tag
Handy exercise reminders are built IntoOsteoBall. To make things even easier your Lifetime OsteoBall comes with an Illustrated, Changeable Exercise Cue Tag attached to the ball itself. This tag provides a handy step-by-step reference or cues for the 10 Basic Exercises, alternate exercises, and advanced routines.  The cue tag is made to be interchangable.  You can download and print out alternate exercises, advanced exercises, special routines from the website.  Fold them and they fit right in the cue tag.

Easy-Adjust Strap
Adapts to Fit You. For most folks you only need to adjust the strap lengths initially when you first get it. Once the straps are set to your body size they do not require readjustment or other attention. Simply peel back the Velcro-type fabric apart, set it to the proper length, and you're ready to go.

Washable 100% Soft Cotton Cover
Our OsteoBall cover is fully machine washable. Just deflate the inner ball, unzip the cover, remove the inner ball - that's it. You're OsteoBall cover is ready for the wash.

Specially Engineered Vinyl Inner Ball
Inside the OsteoBall is a specially designed inner ball. It is used partially inflated and works like a bladder giving back the same exact amount of pressure you exert on it. As you squeeze the ball it builds pressure and returns to you the same amount that you are giving it. This is how it provides instantly to you the resistive isometric pressure you need for muscle strength increase and helping to build bone mass.

All Inclusive, Total Coverage Lifetime Warranty
Your Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall carries with it a Lifetime Warranty. And it does not get any better than this: If anything goes wrong with your deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall®, we'll replace it - that's the warranty, plain and simple!

30 Day Return Policy
You are protected by our 30 day Return Guarantee. For any reason if you are not fully satisfied with your Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall during the first 30 days, your purchase price will be refunded -- cheerfully, promptly, no questions asked.