How Do I Use It?

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OsteoBall gives you a double workout: bones and muscles at the same time.


After properly setting up and inflating the ball begin by aligning your body to ensure the exercises are done correctly and to prevent strain. First, keeping your eyes level, glide your chin back until you feel a gentle strech in your neck. Now relax slightly. Your head is now in a balanced alignment.

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Next, do the pelvic pinch: squeeze your buttocks muscles together. This will also prompt your abdominal muscles to tighten to provide stabilization of your lower back. Next, a few warm ups are always good idea.

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       Ten Exercises - Just 5 A Day

Now the exercises begin! There are ten exercises total, 5 you do Day 1, and 5 you do Day 2, that you repeat twice, but only take a few minutes each. Remember that breathing correctly and sitting correctly in the right chair makes all the difference.