How is the Osteoball different?

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OsteoBall exercises can be done with full effectiveness seated, even lying down in bed


Living Longer, Active Longer


People are living both longer and more active lifestyles early in this new century. After forty years of age, the weight of your body may stay the same, however, the composition of that weight changes. As much as 30% of your weight may change from muscle to fat – unless a resistive exercise program is initiated. Resistive exercises help you stay active longer, build healthy bones, and are ideal fracture protection techniques.


The Basic OsteoBall Exercises


The majority of the basic OsteoBall upper body exercises are accomplished standing, the lower body exercises lying down, or even on your bed. The exercises can be accomplished in the less time than it takes most of us to pack and walk to the car to go the gym. The stand-up OsteoBall exercises are the basic or foundational exercises upon which the OsteoBall program is based.


Have a Seat, OsteoBall Works Sitting Too


The Sit Down OsteoBall Isometric exercises are a superb way to continue to build muscles. The Osteoball sit down exercises are designed for people who have difficulty doing exercises on the floor or their beds and prefer to do them sitting.


Joints are Protected


This seated posture  technique keeps your back, neck and joints protected in a comfortable sitting position.  It allows strengthening to occur without the burden of using weight machines or heavy free weights.


Light, Portable, Fits Your Lifestyle: OsteoBall


Unlike other exercise balls that are fully inflated, heavy and cumbersome, the OsteoBall is light, portable, and fits easily into your lifestyle. It can be used on all areas of your body so you can achieve a full body bone-fitness workout. There are no weights to change, no cords, cables or rubber bands to adjust, just a fully conformable, partially inflated durable vinyl ball that can reach and fit near impossible areas such as the upper back and neck.


Remember, OsteoBall Provides Fracture Protection


Using the Osteoball protects your joints from straining and prevents bones from fracturing by helping build bone and muscle strength.