Exercise Treatments

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Exercise as a part of osteoporosis management is not often given the credit it is due. For many years, the recommended exercise was walking.

Walking is Not Enough

While walking plays a useful role in cardiorespiratory and circulatory functions, it is not an effective exercise in the treatment of osteoporosis. See Dr. Swezey's article on exercises for osteoporosis.

Weight Bearing Exercise

Weight bearing exercises have shown to enhance vertebral bone mineral density, but are not realistic for the majority of patients with osteoporosis. In those cases, a well-documented realistic exercise is the effective site-specific resistive exercise. This has been documented in a variety of animal studies as well as controlled human studies. Subjects with osteoporosis show a large response in bone mineralization from this exercise.

Resistive Exercise

Resistive exercise can be accomplished by many methods, from weight lifting to exercise machines to elastic stretch bands, but a more easy, effective way would be to use the doctor-designed, clinically tested OsteoBall program.