Preventing Osteoporosis

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Avoiding these, it is believed, can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can occur in numerous ways. In order to prevent it, you must be educated on what causes it. Below is a list of factors that could cause the loss of bone density:

  • Excess phosphorus intake by drinking too many carbonated beverages. To balance the phosphorus, the body must draw calcium from the bones.
  • A sedentary lifestyle. Exercise strengthens bones - inactivity encourages the body not to rebuild unused resources.
  • Consuming too much fat in your diet - vegetarians have been shown to have greater bone mass than those who eat meat regularly.
  • Excess alcohol consumption interferes with calcium absorption.
  • Drinking too much coffee. A study of 84,484 patients showed a correlation between bone fractures and heavy coffee consumption.
  • Smoking - The evidence is overwhelming that heavy smoking boosts bone loss.
  • A lack of natural vitamin D – often obtained by casual exposure to sunlight.
  • Not enough Vitamin K in your system. New research has shown that this little known vitamin is the key to calcium balance in the body.
  • A lack of trace minerals necessary for the transport and absorption of calcium.
  • Some Prescription drugs can increase bone loss. These include cortisone, blood thinners, antacids containing aluminum, chemotherapy, lithium, and certain antibiotics.
  • Birth control pills reduce the folic acid content in the body.
  • Excess consumption of dairy products. This is due to the high animal fat content in dairy products, and the lack of CLA in modern dairy products.
  • Excess salt and sugar consumption in junk foods, which leach calcium from the bones.
  • High consumption of Fluorides which destroy collagen, the glue which adds strength to the bones.

Many of the factors that contribute to the loss of bone density have to do with one’s lifestyle – changing your lifestyle and living a healthier life is key in preventing osteoporosis. Eating a balanced diet, refraining from consuming too much coffee, alcohol or carbonated beverages, not smoking and also exercising regularly will help to prevent osteoporosis. Green vegetables (i.e. spinach, broccoli and cabbage) are a good source of Vitamin K, which will also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.