Traveling Light with OsteoBall

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On a busy schedule?  On the go?  The OsteoBall is your go-anywhere express workout.  Take it to work (or, better yet keep one at  your workplace) and get in a full workout in your office -- and still enjoy your coffee break.

Travel Workouts

Take OsteoBall on the road to your business trip, or bring it on vacation.  There's no need to miss any workouts or to allow yourself to decondition, thanks to the OsteoBall's lightweight and quick exercises.  (Did you know that your muscles decondition even over a long weekend without exercise?).

Packs Flat - Just 3/4 inch Thick Deflated

Deflate your OsteoBall.  It packs as flat and thin as an article of clothing, taking next to no space in your suitcase or carry-on. 

Use in Your Hotel Room and Avoid Questionable Gyms

Use OsteoBall right in the comfort of your hotel room. OsteoBall not only keeps you fit it keeps you healthy by avoiding the questionable hygiene of hotel gyms.  Its like having a 10 station workout right in your room. There's no reason not to stay in tip-top shape on business travel or pleasure.  You can do the OsteoBall exercise routine while you  watch TV, if you like -- it is that easy and convenient. 

With the Osteoball, you feel refreshed and energized in minimal time for business meetings or touring around the city.

Energizing Workout as an Antidote to Jet-lag

A side benefit: exercise helps fight the effects of jet-lag with its brief, energizing isometric workout.  You'll know that you are doing good for your muscles and bones -- and giving your whole body a needed boost!

The safe, joint protected OsteoBall exercises are particularly welcome when muscles and joints have been stressed and jostled by hours of sitting in unsupportive airline seats, cabs and rental cars

No Hold-ups at Airport Check-in

Additionally, the Osteoball meets Homeland Security Guidelines; there will be no hassle or problems when you check-in to your flight.