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Exercising can be fun, especially with the OsteoBall.

Exercising and fitness workouts are so often a challenge for people of all ages. People often find them too difficult, time consuming, and unexciting. But if workouts and fitness are problematic for young and middle aged people, they are twice as hard for the elderly. Many older people find fitness and exercising too hard to do, with results not quite what they wanted. These are just some of the reasons why over 65% of the seniors in the United States only do the bare minimum, or don’t even exercise at all. Doing a 10-minute workout with the Osteoball is extremely beneficial for senior citizens, and is presenting highly effective results.

Do Seniors Need Exercise? 

Yes! Exercising has infinitely positive effects on the health of senior citizens. It can prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities associated with aging, Osteoporosis included. Sadly, 28 million Americans have bones damaged from osteoporosis. Every 20 seconds Osteoporosis disables another person’s life!

Patented Product That Targets Key Muscle Areas

The innovative researchers who are internationally renowned in studies on osteoporosis, Dr. Robert L. Swezey, M.D., and Annette Swezey M.S.P.H., developed a healthy answer to Senior Fitness and healthy bones, which are necessary to promote good health and long life. The OsteoBall is an exclusive, patented, and medically tested isometric resistive exercise device. It is specifically designed to strengthen muscles and help build bone density in key areas of the body. The Osteoball exercise program is designed to help build bone density and strengthen muscles.

5 Seconds an Exercise - Can This be a Workout?

Should we call the Osteoball Senior Fitness Program a "workout?" The exercises are so easy to do – many say it is even “fun”—that we don’t think “workout” is the right word. The exercises are very quick. Each exercise takes 5 seconds. That’s all that is needed. Exercising with the Osteoball is safe for all ages, quick, and highly effective.

No Weights But Impressive Results

You are able to workout with the Osteoball in the comfort of your home, in the gym, on the road, or anywhere. There’s no weights, just impressive results showing that you can help strengthen your bones and muscles in less then 10 minutes a day, that it -- total workout. .