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Set Up your OsteoBall Air pump

Place one end of the clear flexible tube over the white nozzle. You only need to cover about 1/4 inch of the nozzle. If you push it too far onto the nozzle, it may be difficult to remove the tube.

Inflate your OsteoBall

1. Place Air pump on floor or table. Remove OsteoBall stopper from the valve. Insert the Inflation tip into the valve.

2. Begin pumping with your foot or hand. Remember, inflate your OsteoBall only until 2/3rds full. This gives proper and comfortable resistance. To confirm that your ball is 2/3rds full, press down on the top--the upper portion of the ball should flatten out. Over-inflation of your OsteoBall significantly reduces its effectivness.

3. Remove inflation tip. Put the OsteoBall stopper back in the valve and push it down into the ball.