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How do I adjust the straps of the OsteoBall?

OsteoBall Starter Kit Strap Adjustment Directions

OsteoBall Deluxe Strap Adjustment Directions

My OsteoBall is not holding air. What is wrong?

If you feel that your OsteoBall is not holding air, please check if the valve is properly plugged. If this does not resolve your problem, please call Customer Support at 1-800-860-3949 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, PST) or fill out our online contact form.

How do I change the inner bladder of my Deluxe OsteoBall?

Find the cover´s zipper, which is under the belt adjustment flap, close to the logo tag. Unzip the cover and remove the OsteoBall Stopper from the inner bladder valve. Put some pressure on the OsteoBall and let the air flow out until the OsteoBall is fully deflated. Pull the inner bladder out and replace it with the new one so the valve of the new inner bladder is facing the zipper. Insert the inflation tip of the pump into the OsteoBall´s valve and start pumping. You only need to inflate the OsteoBall 2/3rds full with air for optimal results. Put the Stopper back in the valve and zip the cover.

How do I inflate the OsteoBall?

OsteoBall Starter Kit Inflation Directions

OsteoBall Deluxe Inflation Directions

How much should I inflate my OsteoBall? "2/3rds" sounds a little confusing.

You only need to inflate the OsteoBall 2/3rds full with air. To confirm that your OsteoBall is 2/3rds full, press both poles of the ball with your hands - the pressure of your hands should flatten out the top and the bottom of the OsteoBall about an inch on each side. If your OsteoBall is 2/3rds full you will be able to pinch with your hand about 2 inches of the OsteoBall on one side, without holding any air, and the other side should be round. If you have further questions, please call Customer Support at 1-800-860-3949 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST) or fill out our online contact form.

Is it better to start with the Starter Kit, or can I just purchase the OsteoBall Deluxe right away?

There is no reason that you cannot start right out with the Deluxe OsteoBall. It provides all of the same introduction as the Starter Kit, -- with the added benefit of the washable cover and instructional video (not to mention the Deluxe Hand Pump and Lifetime Guarantee).

How many kinds of OsteoBalls are there?

There are two models of OsteoBalls:

OsteoBall Starter Kit

OsteoBall Deluxe

The OsteoBall Starter Kit includes a vinyl OsteoBall with straps, illustrated tag, manual, and pump for $29.95.

The OsteoBall Deluxe has a washable canvas cover with additional adjustable, cushioned straps. It comes with an Instructional Video Tape, Illustrated Tag, Pump, Manual, and Lifetime Warranty. The Deluxe costs $69.95.

I cannot find the inflation valve of the OsteoBall Deluxe.

Click here to see images of unzipping and inflating the OsteoBall Deluxe.

To find the valve of the OsteoBall´s inner bladder, you need first to find the cover´s zipper. The zipper is located under the belt adjustment flap, close to the logo tag of the cover. Unzip the cover. The valve of the inner bladder will be beneath the zipper.

Is the OsteoBall strong enough to resist my pull?

If your OsteoBall is correctly inflated and the straps are properly positioned, all of the OsteoBall´s materials are strong enough to resist your pressure or pull.

Is the OsteoBall only for elderly people?

No! The OsteoBall is for all ages. There are many ways to keep your bones healthy and strong, but you must start early. We all know that exercising helps build healthy and strong bones, but not all kinds of exercises will help your bones stay strong and fight osteoporosis. The latest research, for example, indicates that biking, a great exercise for your cardiovascular system, does not do much for building strong bones. You need  isometric-resistive exercises such as the ones that the OsteoBall provides. This type of exercise is scientifically shown to help strengthen bones and build bone density.

I lost my manual. What do I do?

If you lost your manual you can call our Customer Support team at 1-800-860-3949 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST) and we will provide you with a new manual. Be sure you have your Purchase Order Number and your name ready when you call.

How do I return my OsteoBall

Please click here to read all of the details on our 30 Day Free Trial, including how to return your product.


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